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OravanOSA offers FDA-cleared, custom-fit sleep devices with a truly open anterior design for the treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea. This unique open anterior contains no buccal or incisal coverage on the anterior teeth, leading to maximum patient comfort and natural tongue protrusion. Also, experience less clinical chair time as these devices will not interfere with any anterior cosmetic work!

  • Dorsal style with a 90 degree or 70 degree wing option
  • A scalloped lingual and buccal design for maximum comfort and effectiveness. We ensure the device is kept as thin as possible without compromising durability


  • Herbst style allowing for greater lateral and vertical movement, particularly beneficial for those patients that brux or grind while sleeping
  • The only Medicare approved device with a truly open anterior design
  • Calibration in 1/16th mm increments

Optional extras include elastic hooks and labial bows. Orange acrylic is for illustration purposes only to demonstrate the thin lingual design. All devices come in clear acrylic.